SENSAP’s professional, business analysts claim in-depth experience in modeling of business processes that apply in a large variety of industrial sectors.
SENSAP’s people strive for results for our customers benefit. The company’s highly-motivated engineering team has proven expertise in designing and developing of sophisticated, J2EE, enterprise software applications that conform to the SOA paradigm, as well as world-class know-how in deploying of complex AutoID (RFID, Barcode) and SENSOR systems.
Our mission is to improve processes performance and operations agility by delivering, intuitive automation, events visualization, and ability to prompt for immediate actions. Business process owners may therefore perform in a more natural way, viewing operations management through the perspective of loosely structured workflows obeying to flexible rules and constrains that are capable of adapting to dynamically changing business requirements.
SENSAP’s BAM systems leverage autoID and physical sensor data to provide in-depth visibility into actual, business-process execution performance.
Our vision is to deliver innovative, sophisticated, efficient, and intuitive software tools and professional services helping small to medium sized enterprises, render every-day operational burden to productive team work.

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Founded in 2002, SENSAP Microsystems SA focuses on the development and implementation of High Tech Solutions for industrial systems and processes.


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