SENSAP™ INTEGRA Daedalus edge controller

SENSAP™ INTEGRA Daedalus edge controller

is an automation unit that focuses on monitoring production floor. Through the management of sensors that are integrated into production machines, automatically collects and analysis production data. It provides operators with accurate information about
machine usage and the progress of work at hand in real time.
SENSAP™ INTEGRA Daedalus eliminates the need for inaccurate, erroneous and time-consuming manual data entry on paper, touchscreens, or mobile terminals. It handles the sum of the logging process thus allowing operators to focus on their work.



SENSAP™ INTEGRA Daedalus CPS system

SENSAP™ INTEGRA Daedalus CPS system transforms mainly legacy but also newer machinery to a Cyber-physical system with the benefits of the industry 4.0. Through its modular design, Daedalus besides its core functionality of data acquisition and signal processing, it has a variety of modules related to machinery production, as in-Line vision inspection modules for product quality and defect detection and “smart” Tag module for traceability and automate machine recipe loading.

Daedalus integrates with the most popular EIS systems (i.e. ERP, WMS, MRP) providing automatic and reliable synchronization of warehouse and shop-floor resources (i.e. labor, equipment, tools, and materials) with standing managerial data, while enabling real-time, remote visibility of operations performance through WEB-based customizable dashboards.

Key Features

Measurements Extraction

The sensors installed in the machines constantly monitor the connection between mechanics and output results from the signals.

Communicate Measurements

Visualize measures, KPIs and production order details

Visualization module

Calculate KPIs such as OEE, Downtime, Up time, Idle time

Receive order details

1) Reads Production Order through Barcode Scanner (vision, optical) / RFID tags 2) Request and Gets Order Details from Edge Server / ERP / MES systems

Vision Inspection

Defect detection

KPI Calculations

Calculate KPIs such as OEE, Downtime, Up time, Idle time

Printing Server

Producing Batch/Lot Labels

“Smart” Tag

Reading/Writing RFID tag with data related to product state

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