The IQ-OPTION is an inline vision sensor for the ITK module that detects mixing-copies, as well as printing and die-cutting defects on folding and corrugated cartons. Compared with conventional Pharmacode and Colorcode sensors, the IQ-OPTION is the world’s best-of-breed device.

The sensor performs the quality inspection either on carton-level (in Folding/Gluing machines) or on sheet-level (in Offset-, Rotogravure-, Flexographic-Printing machines). It employs advanced, patented machine-vision algorithms that use miniature, colored DATAMATRIX symbols to check for:

  • Product and LOT Mixing (Mixing-Copy verification)
  • Print-to-Cut Registration Displacement and/or Rotation
  • Missing Colors
  • Color Misregistration
  • Color Fidelity Failure (i.e. Intensity, Saturation, Dot-Gain, and Tone-Value)

Unlike conventional devices, the IQ-OPTION sensors dynamically compensate for carton-white during color-intensity measurements and calculate separate intensity histograms for each individual color. They are the only devices to measure the registration of individual colors on a carton/item-level, so as to detect artwork fidelity failures on cartons that reside at the edges of large boards (i.e. 1000×1400 sqmm).

Moreover, thanks to SENSAP’s advanced machine-vibration compensation technology, the sensors are capable of measuring the Print-to-Cut registration, on a carton/item level, with unparalleled accuracy (i.e. >50 microns) at the highest machine-speed.

The sensors store actual images and individual defect descriptions of non-conforming items for each separate production run (LOT).

The IQ-OPTION sensors retrofit to almost any piece of printing and folding/gluing equipment and facilitate easy operation and automatic setup thanks to SENSAP’s advanced autoTEACH and autoSET technologies.

Product Highlights

Item-Level and/or Sheet-Level Carton-Quality Inspection

Automatic Compensation for Carton-White for precise Color-Intensity and -Registration measurement

Separate Intensity Histograms derived for all Colors of each individual item (carton/sheet)

Extreme Dimensional Measurement Precision thanks to SENSAP’s machine-vibration compensation technology

Actual Images and Defect-Descriptions stored for each non-conforming item (carton/sheet)

Miniature printed symbols used for quality check of miniature cartons

Unparalleled performance: quality inspection at machine speed up to 600m/min or 50pcs/sec

Easy mounting onto almost any piece of printing, die-cutting, folding, and gluing equipment

Easy Operation & Automatic Setup thanks to SENSAPs advanced autoTEACH and autoSET technologies


It detects manufacturing defects, in the Printing, Die-Cutting, and Folding/Gluing processes, ensuring that every single carton meets the highest quality standards. The sensor checks for:

  • Missing Colors,
  • Print-to-Cut Registration Displacement and/or Rotation,
  • Product and LOT Mixing


The ultimate Quality Inspection module; it combines all of the above features with advanced optical measurements and algorithms, so as to allow for precise Color Fidelity evaluation. In addition to the aforementioned quality parameters, the sensor checks for:

  • Color Misregistration,
  • Color Intensity,
  • Color Saturation